Nutcracker FAQ

Q: When will we know the results? 
We take our casting decisions very seriously and try to cast everyone in a part/role that accommodates their skills/abilities we saw at the auditions but also take into consideration height and sizes based on costuming for certain roles.  This takes about 1-2 weeks especially after reviewing any video audition submissions that come through or any call-backs we may have.

Q: How many dances will my dancer be cast in? 
Dancers can be expected to be cast in anywhere from 1-4 roles depending on their age, measurements and skills/abilities.  Typically our youngest performers will only get cast in 1-2 roles their first couple of years.  Some of our intermediate/advanced dancers may get 3-4 parts. It really depends on what we see at the auditions and which roles would be the best for them based on their abilities.

Q: If my dancer is cast into the show, when is the participation fee due? Do you have payment plans?  
If you are cast, the participation fee is due by the first rehearsal.  For those in financial need, we do offer the option to split up payments but that arrangement does need to be made in advance and not after the first day of rehearsal.  We also offer financial assistance for those in need.

Q: When and where are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are held on Sunday’s and will take place at Soleunique Dance Complex in North Aurora.  Our tech week rehearsals will all be held at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre.

Q: Will we be there all day on rehearsals?
|No you will not.  A dancer should expect to have an hour rehearsal weekly per role.  Sometimes the time frame may be more or less.  If a dancer is in several parts, your rehearsals may be scheduled throughout the day on a Sunday.  Sometimes a role will not be scheduled to rehearse for one week as well.  It all depends on how the rehearsals are going and how much choreography gets set the previous weeks.  Dancers can expect to have longer rehearsals as we get closer to the show especially when we are running the full acts later in Oct/early Nov.

Q: Does my dancer need to have ballet experience?
A dancer should have some sort of ballet experience.  We do require that a dancer is enrolled in a ballet class during the entirety of the production time (Sept-Nov) and this is simply due to the fact that we are an outside organization that does not train the dancers weekly and we need them to commit to weekly training at their dance studios to keep up with skills and technique needed to be in the performance.  There is flexibility with taking other style classes but that does need to be discussed with the Artistic Director in advance.

Q: What is the dress code for auditions and rehearsal? 
The Dress code for auditions is ballet attire (solid color leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes for girls and white t-shirt, black shorts/pants, and black ballet shoes for boys.  Hair should be neatly pulled back in a bun for female dancers. For rehearsals, the requirements are the same with the exception of some of our parts for our older dancers in which more contemporary attire may be allowed.  That will be noted to those dancers specifically. 

Q: Can parents watch the auditions? 
Our live, open auditions are closed to parents, dancers and the public.  We ask that parents check their dancer in and can remain in the check-in area or outside. 

Q: Does the headshot need to be professional?
The audition headshots do not need to be professional but do need to show the dancers face and body according to how they currently look.

Q: How much does it cost to audition?
The audition fee is $25 which will be applied to your participation fee if you are cast in the show.  This is to cover expenses for the audition day.

Q: If my dancer is cast in a role, how long do we have to accept or confirm participation?
We do ask if you need to bow out of the show, that you let our directors know as soon as possible.  It takes countless hours of casting and some dancers may not make it or only get 1 part so we need to recast your dancer’s role right away if they cannot commit to the production.

Q: What can a dancer expect during the audition? 
Dancers can expect to participate in a true audition. They should look their best, try their best, and be on their best behavior. If they have a question or need a combination clarified, they can raise their hand and ask. Otherwise we expect no talking during the audition. Little ones often find this the hardest part so if parents can encourage their child to follow this rule, it would be helpful. Oftentimes the littles ones want to sit down as well, and we ask them to remain standing unless otherwise noted.  After a dancer checks in, they will be given an audition number and ask to line up in number order.  They will then be escorted to the stage of the theater where the audition will take place in front of our directors and choreographers.  Choreography or steps will be taught and then the dancers will be asked to show them in groups.  

Q: What should a dancer prepare ahead of the audition?
Working on general skills and technique for their age/level is highly recommended.  We are very age appropriate to what we look for in the dancers. 

Q: How long can a dancer expect to be at the audition?
The audition times are listed on the audition notice as well as when you register.  The dancers’ audition time may end a little early or if the group is very large, it might go over by a little.  Sometimes we also ask a dancer to stay for another audition time if we feel they are too advanced for those skills we are looking for in that age group or their height is more fitting in the next group.